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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 1: Online Affiliate Network Opportunities

Online affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money. Sit back and watch while you start earning money from the efforts you put in. Affiliate marketing is ideal for those that have their own website or access to internet marketing. Affiliates are those that place banners advertising another company on their own site. They will then earn a commission from every sale that is generated through their efforts. Affiliate networking is all automated, so every sale is recorded and members can easily sign into their account to check their sales totals and commissions. You could also be a regular shopper at an online business and earn commissions and rewards for referring family and friends to support the same site. Either way, there is a lot to be gained from affiliate marketing. The following online affiliate network opportunities should be considered:

1. Online Casino Affiliate Opportunities These are known to be by far the most rewarding of affiliate programs to be involved in. Great examples are Eurogrand Casino and Joyland Casino who will pay up to R490 per lead. Having a computer and access to the internet is essential for affiliate marketing of this nature. You will also need to follow strict rules and regulations for where and how you market the brand. With a little effort you can turn this business opportunity into great extra income. Sign up at OfferForge.
2. Loan Specialist Affiliates Some registered financial service providers such as African Bank will offer affiliates up to R28 per referred member that takes out a loan with the company. You could advertise these facilities on free websites such as and and start earning extra money in no time at all. You could also spread the word amongst your family and friends that you are able to assist them with their loans. You will be surprised how many people are seeking home loans, bridging funds and even vehicle finance loans. You can become an affiliate of a variety of other bridging cash affiliate programs through OfferForge.
3. Online Sales & Auction Affiliates Online sales websites such as Bid or Buy will pay registered affiliates as much as R60 per registered member and 40c per bid! This is an ideal affiliate program business opportunity for those that are well connected online. You can encourage your friends and family to buy and sell their goods on this website and assist you in making some extra money. As the brand is quite well known, you are bound to find that registrations are not that difficult to achieve. Just about everyone has something that they would like to sell and online second-hand sales are just the way to do it.
4. Online Flower & Gift Affiliates Many websites that offer to deliver flowers and gifts to the browsers chosen recipient will offer affiliate marketing opportunities too. This helps them to make more sales in what is a thriving yet highly competitive market. Great affiliate programs that are already known to be doing well are offered by companies such as Net Florist, Interflora and If you are interested in promoting the sale of flowers and gifts for birthdays, events and special occasions then this is the ideal affiliate program for you! Most of these website affiliate programs are fully automated so you can easily sign in and check your progress on sales and commissions. By putting the word out there, you can start earning good extra income today.
5. Online Insurance Sales Affiliates The insurance market in South Africa is known for its competitiveness. There are undoubtedly many insurance companies out there all trying to obtain the same clients and it is important for them to network and get their name and brand out there as much as possible. Some insurance companies such as Outsurance, Budget Insurance and Dial Direct will actually allow affiliates to earn a commission (as much as R90) per quote and new client sign up! These affiliate marketing opportunities are most popular and successful as an already established and trusted brand is being promoted. You can sign up for these money making opportunities by clicking here.
6. Online Travel Booking Affiliates By advertising tours, bookings and travel services, you could be earning a commission. Travel companies such as Travel 247 offer great affiliate benefits and commissions. You can earn extra money with this type of affiliate program by adding a few extra pages to your website detailing travel packages and specials that are on offer. For every referral that turns into a sale, you will receive a commission. Travel 247 in particular has a fantastic statistics section where you can log in at any time of the day and track your sales and referrals. If you are passionate about travel or are serious about earning some extra money, then this is the ideal business opportunity for you.
7. Clothing Store Accounts Affiliates Clothing stores such as Truworths, YDE and Identity offer their affiliates a commission for every account that is opened through them. You can place banners from these stores on your website or even make use of free advertising portals such as The Classifieds, Cape Ads, Gumtree and By being an affiliate of these types of stores you are guaranteed to make some great extra money. You can even chat to your family and friends and encourage them to open their accounts through you.
8. Online Property Advertising Affiliates – Successful online property websites such as PriceNet Property, Private Property and Rent-A-Spot offer fantastic affiliate marketing opportunities whereby those who register can earn a commission for every new house that is listed or sold through their efforts. This can be done by placing adverts online or by hosting the property site banners and advertising material on your own website. Encouraging people you know that are selling their houses, to list their property through your website will start earning you extra income in no time at all. Perhaps you could make yourself a business card and start handing it out to businesses in your area and even friends. You can sign up for this type of affiliate program through OfferForge.
9. Coin Collecting Affiliates – By becoming an affiliate of companies such as The South African Gold Coin Exchange you could be advertising the selling and swapping of collectors coins and earning money for each deal and sign up. As the collecting of South African coins is a hobby enjoyed by many across the entire globe, you could really earn a fantastic additional income. You can become an affiliate of The South African Gold Coin Exchange through OfferForge.
10. Online Music and Books Affiliates – Many online stores such as Kalahari Books and Want-It-All offer the opportunity for their loyal customers to become affiliates. By promoting and advertising specials and products that these companies are offering, you can earn up to 10% commission. These are popular affiliate network choices for those who enjoy music and books and have a website with relevant or related information. You can host banners from these online stores on your own site and even encourage your friends to make purchases online through your affiliate page. Take the time to familiarise yourself with their specials and maybe even start your own word of mouth campaign.


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