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Franchise and Business Articles
Keep up to date with these informative
franchise and business articles
Fast Food, Fast Cash: 5 Tips for How to Buy a Food Franchise
Some of the most well-known franchises in the world are fast food franchises. And for good reason; these franchises can make you some serious profits. Learn more about how to buy a food franchise with this handy guide.
5 Key Things You Need to Know About a Franchise Agreement
If you want to run a franchise then you'll need a franchise agreement. Learn more about what exactly is involved in a franchise agreement with this quick guide.
Advertise the Franchise: 5 Tips for Franchise Marketing
If you're looking to invest in a franchise in South Africa in 2018 then you've come to the right place. We take a look at 5 of the best new franchises you can invest in. Take a look and find your future business right here.
5 of the Best New Franchises in South Africa in 2018
If you're looking to invest in a franchise in South Africa in 2018 then you've come to the right place. We take a look at 5 of the best new franchises you can invest in. Take a look and find your future business right here.
Child Development Franchise - Our Children are amazing
We all want the best for our little ones, here is a great start
Creating a successful Pizza Franchise
The Story of Scooters Pizza and Taste Holdings
Franchises: Here are 9 Things to Do When Business is Slow
Turn quiet times into productive times

Everyone who’s ever worked for themselves knows the deal – one minute, you’re working flat out with not a minute to spare; the next, nothing’s on the boil!……..Read Full Article

Hot Franchise Trend – Baby Car Seat Cleaning
What is trending in the Franchise industry

While everyone fancies being in a glamorous line of work – film production or fashion styling or being some sort of high-flying marketing exec……..Read Full Article

How to Make Cold Calls Easier
Six steps to making cold calling easier

Cold calling. The very thought of it sends shivers down the spine of many a franchisee or entrepreneur. Still, if you want to drive sales in your franchise……..Read Full Article

Cool Franchise Trend – Frozen Yoghurt Franchises
What is trending in the Franchise industry

Back in the 1980s, frozen yoghurt was the sweet treat of choice for trend-aware, health-conscious yuppies. Then, along with shoulder pads……..Read Full Article

Five Ways to Get More Walk-in Customers into Your Retail Franchise
Here are five tips to help you drive shopper traffic

Foot traffic – or the presence of people walking around a particular space, like a shopping mall – has always been crucial to the success of retail businesses……..Read Full Article

Healthy You, Healthy Franchise!
Why Taking Care of Yourself is Good for Business

That running a small business or franchise is hard work is an understatement. For those of us who do it, it’s safe to say we’re working harder now than we ever did as employees……..Read Full Article

10 St Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas to Make Your Own Luck
Tips that every business can cash in on this holiday

On St Patrick’s Day, as the saying goes, everyone is Irish! Reports Maryland Capital, a funding organisation for small and medium businesses in America, the occasion……..Read Full Article

Daily Business Hacks to Take Your Franchise from So-So to Super
Business hacks for every day of the week

With South Africa’s economic outlook looking bleak – a result of loadshedding, rising interest rates, decreased consumer spending and a devalued rand – now, more than ever. ……..Read Full Article

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Franchise Customers
Our favourite holiday gift ideas for customers

The festive season is all about giving, but have you thought about giving your customers a token of appreciation for sending ……..Read Full Article

Marketing to Millennials – A Quick Start Guide
A consumer paradigm shift is quietly underway…

a consumer culture entirely different from the one in which we currently operate, that is, the one built around the philosophies, preferences, habits……..Read Full Article

Spring Promotion Ideas for Your Franchise
super-easy spring promo ideas for you to try

Piggy-backing a promotion on a holiday – or even a particular time of year, like spring – can be a useful way to put the spotlight on your franchise……..Read Full Article

Five Tips for Running a Successful Franchise
Key to success

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth re-iterating…franchising is not a get-rich quick scheme! It’s just as hard managing a franchise as it is any other business……..Read Full Article

Hot Franchise Trend – Food Trucks
Faster than fast food

Move over fast food franchises – or should that be jump on the bandwagon? There’s a new food franchise trend on the block – roving food trucks! Fortune Magazine describes……..Read Full Article

Worst Franchise Fails
Ensure that your Business is a Success

Many business owners see franchising as an easy way to make a buck. Epic fail -franchising is no get-rich-quick scheme! In fact, it’s quite the opposite ……..Read Full Article

How to Market a Beauty Franchise
Franchise Finder’s top five tips to promote a beauty franchise

Buying a health or beauty franchise is one of the best franchise investments you can make right now. But it’s also a competitive nîche, which means you’ll have to ……..Read Full Article

How to Improve Customer Relations
Improving customer relations could be the key to getting ahead

Franchise owners are increasingly fighting for a piece of an ever-shrinking pie.Not only are businesses trading in a recessionary environment, but there ……..Read Full Article

Finding the Right Franchise Location
Franchise Finder’s Quick-Fire Guide

You know what they say – location, location, location! When it comes to franchises, this real estate agents’ mantra rings true. The location of your franchise ……..Read Full Article

Franchise Trends to Watch in 2013
Best franchise industries in which to invest in

The past few years have seen a key trend towards recession-proof franchises and, this year, the trend intensifies. Recession-proof ……..Read Full Article

Three Things Your Franchise Should STOP Doing in 2013
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

Ever heard of a ‘Not-to-Do’ list? Franchise Finder’s got one right here! If you’re going to make 2013 your franchise’s best year yet, here are the top three things you ……..Read Full Article

Festive Franchise Part III:Surviving the Holidays with a Skeleton Staff
Running your franchise with a skeleton crew

The festive season is here and most of your staff have gleefully run off on their holidays, leaving you to hold the fort until they return in the new year.…..Read Full Article

Festive Franchise Part II: Five Ways to Keep Staff Motivated During the Festive Season
Keep staff focused on what's important

Working over the festive season – when friends and family are enjoying a nice holiday – can be a motivational killer for franchise employees.…..Read Full Article

Festive Franchise Part I: Five Ways to Boost Sales Over the Holiday Season
Maximise your franchise sales during the holidays

Whether the festive season represents the busiest time of year for your franchise, or if it’s when business generally winds down for you, now is the time to start thinking.…..Read Full Article

How to Use a Franchise Loyalty Programme
Keep Customers Coming Back

One of the ways you can work to keep customers faithful to your franchise is through a franchise loyalty programme. Here's how.…..Read Full Article

Five Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Franchise
Tweet, post and connect your way to success

Here's how to use social media site, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to promote your franchise.…..Read Full Article

South Africa's Top Ten Franchises
These franchisors are a pretty safe bet for investors

If you’re a hard worker, are driven, with boundless enthusiasm and a very large sum of ready cash, then investing in one of South Africa’s top ten franchises could be your best buy yet..Read Full Article

10 Good Habits for Franchisees
Follow these and you're good to go!

If you’re to run a successful franchise, you’ll need to change your work ethic and follow these ten good habits of successful franchisees…..Read Full Article

Five Franchise Trends for 2012
Where to invest and why

With the economy on shaky ground, you want to invest your money in a recession-proof, rather than a fad franchise. So, if you’re looking to make a smart franchise investment this year, here’s a round-up of 2012’s top five franchise trendsRead Full Article

World s Top Ten Franchises
Ever wondered how they got to be the best?

The world's top franchises have, amongst other things, a strong brand, a great concept, a solid marketing strategy and a strong franchisor at the helmRead Full Article

How to Promote a Fast Food Franchise
Ten Promotions Ideas to Try at your Fast Food Outlet

Has business been a little on the sluggish side at your fast food franchise? Quit blaming the recession; get your A into G! Here are ten ways to promote your fast food outlet …Read Full Article

Green Franchises
What you need to know about buying green

Green businesses have been growing at a rate of approximately 5% annually over the last three years. If you're looking for a green business opportunity, why not consider buying into a green franchise?Read Full Article

Ten Hallmarks of a Good Franchise
What makes a good franchise

Separate the good franchise opportunities from the bad with Franchise Finder’s guide to what makes a good franchiseRead Full Article

Five Ways to Maximise the Response to your Direct Mail Campaign
Effective direct mail tips to grow your franchise

So you've decided, with the blessing of the franchisor, to use direct mail as part of your local promotional efforts. Here are some key ways to maximise the response to your direct mail campaign…Read Full Article

Franchise Finance Part II
Franchise Finance Solutions

Getting finance for franchises is generally easier than for independent start-up businesses. But where can you get your hands on that money? Here are seven ideas on how to finance your franchiseRead Full Article

Franchise Finance Part I
The Costs of Buying and Running a Franchise

As a prospective franchisee, franchise financing is probably one of your top concerns. At this stage, you’re probably preoccupied with sourcing finance. But before you race off to woo your banker, or sign over your life savings to your franchisor, do you understand what you’re getting yourself into? Read on to find out more about the costs of buying and running a franchiseRead Full Article

The Companies Act and Franchises
10 Steps to Companies Act Compliance

On 1 May 2011, the Companies Act 2008 came into effect, heralding a new era for business in South Africa. The new Companies Act aims to reflect socioeconomic and political changes, globally and in South Africa, and specifically emphasizes a need for good corporate governance. … Read Full Article

Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Marketing
Is using direct mail a good way to market my franchise?

Franchisees face particular marketing challenges because so much of their marketing is controlled by the franchisor. However, there’s usually leeway to undertake local campaigns and direct mail is definitely worth considering as a part of your franchise marketing strategy. Here are some of the pros and cons of direct mail marketingRead Full Article

The Consumer Protection Act Part III
The CPA and Franchising

The Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 – legislation which sets out to promote a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services – will have considerable impact on the franchising industry in South Africa. How and why will your franchise business be affected by the Act?Read Full Article

Eleven Business Trends for 2011
What You Should Know about the Business World this Year

Change is inevitable – it shapes our lives and impacts on our businesses. As a franchise owner, keeping abreast of the latest business trends can give you the competitive edge… Read Full Article

The Consumer Protection Act Part II
Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

The new Consumer Protection Act aims to promote an economic environment that supports and strengthens a culture of consumer rights and responsibilities. Read Full Article

How to Reward Your Employees
Motivating Staff without Money

Are you paying staff bonuses this year? With another tough year coming to a close, indications are that the traditional Christmas bonus is again under threat, as organisations strive to cut costs. Read Full Article

The Consumer Protection Act Part I
The CPA and The Business Owner

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) makes South African consumers among the best protected in the world. But how does it affect you - the business owner? Read Full Article

Basic Business Calculations - Profitability Ratios
Basic Business Calculations - Part 4

Profitability ratios, usually expressed as percentages, are useful indicators of a business’s financial success and growth potential. Investors, including business owners are therefore well acquainted with these ratios! Read Full Article

Basic Business Calculations - Efficiency Ratios
Basic Business Calculations - Part 3

Efficiency ratios look at how well a company utilizes and controls its assets as well as manages its liabilities. Read Full Article

Basic Business Calculations - Solvency Ratios
Basic Business Calculations - Part 2
Solvency ratios are used to assess a company’s ability to fulfil long-term debt obligations, regardless of cash flow. Read Full Article
Basic Business Calculations - Liquidity Ratios
Basic Business Calculations - Part 1
Liquidity ratios measure the ability of your business to generate cash to pay its expenses. For this reason, liquidity ratio’s are often referred to as Working Capital Ratios. Read Full Article
International Franchise Ideas
Discover International Franchise Ideas
We take a look at international franchises throughout various niches and explain their unique service offering. This article is intended to inspire entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business or entering the world of franchising. Read Full Article
101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Read this 12 part series and get inspired to start a business
From online affiliate programs to local and international franchise opportunities as well as niche business ideas and direct selling opportunities, this 12 part series provides you with enough ideas to ignite anyone's entrepreneurial spirit! Read Full Article
7 Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server
The main benefits of dedicated servers
Dedicated web hosting means that you rent an entire server for hosting only your site. A dedicated hosting server provides a number of benefits, especially when compared to shared hosting. The 7 main benefits of a dedicated hosting server are....Read Full Article
How to Get Business Funding
A guide to sourcing the finances you need to start or grow your business
Start-ups as well as existing businesses often need funding to help them grow as they simply don’t have the cash to inject into the business themselves. Most companies willseek funding from banks, some will try and source venture capital, others will use their credit cards and a lucky few will receive funding from friends or family. Read Full Article
How to Write a Business Plan - A Business Plan Template
Create a Business Plan before starting your business.
Starting your own business can be very stressful and sometimes we do not spend enough time on the important starting points. It is of utmost importance to have an effective and functional business plan when starting your own business. If you are hesitant or reluctant to write your business plan, don’t feel that you are alone. Many start-up business owners experience the same feeling. Read Full Article
Should I Franchise My Business?
Ensure that your franchise is built on solid foundations

In today’s world of fierce competition and fast-paced business, franchising is proving to be an increasingly popular method of business expansion. Companies can sprout from local brands to household names in a relatively short period of time whilst still being rewarded financially, plus they are able to avoid massive liabilities that usually accompany traditional growth. Leaving a unique business concept to grow organically can often take too long and this may leave an opportunity for another emerging company to leap frog the market share and nullify all growth plans. Read Full Article

5 Key Factors to Running a Successful Retail Business
Ensure that your Retail Business is a Success

We all come into contact with businesses every single day. Often we deal with businesses that are mediocre – There is nothing “wrong” with them but there is nothing terribly exciting about them either.

Occasionally we’ll be lucky enough to deal with a business that operates “text book style”. They are refreshing in their professionalism and service and when we come across businesses like this we should take the opportunity to use it as a benchmark for what we’d like our own business to measure up to. Read Full article

5 Affordable Marketing Ideas
Tips to promote your business on a shoestring
Promoting a new busines can be an expensive task but it doesn't have to be! With a little creativity and thought you can promote your business without having to spend a fortune. Here are a couple of ways to market your business on a shoestring.
Read Full article
Entrepreneurs: Keep your Motivation Alive
Remain positive and inspired in your own business!
Owning your own business has many advantages but one of the keys to a successful start-up and business venture is to maintain your motivation as the business grows and to stay positive through the tough times, which most businesses will face at some point or another. Here are a few points to help you remain positive and motivated as a business owner:Read Full article
The Basics of Starting a Business
Get things right from the beginning with your new start-up!
You have an ingenious business idea, something that you can really relate to, a concept that you feel so passionate about that the mere thought of sends your heart racing! The only problem, however, is that you haven’t the foggiest idea on earth as to how you will actually go about starting this business. Not to worry, “cluelessness” is part of the process, think of it as the starting point – you can’t get anymore clueless than you are already. In a couple of easy steps we’ll show you how to get your business up and running – the right way! Read Full article
How to Become a More Efficient and Effective Businessperson - Part One
Points to help you conduct business smoothly and professionally
We have all dealt with them at some stage – businesses and business people who make you wonder how on earth they can actually even run a business! Why not strive to be a business that people love dealing with? Here are a few tips to help you become more efficient and effective in business and to ensure that your customers keep coming back! Read Full article
How to Become a More Efficient and Effective Businessperson - Part Two
Points to help you conduct business smoothly and professionally
In part 2 of of "How to Become a More Effective and Efficient Businessperson" we look at some more points to help you run your business more efficiently .Read Full article
Different Types of Business Opportunities
Review of the various business opportunities available
When searching for business opportunities, one should be open-minded about the different types of business opportunities available. This article takes a look at the various options to consider before launching into the world of entrepreneurship.Read Full article
5 Reasons to Advertise Online
Promote your business on the world wide web
We cover the top reasons to select business directories and niche websites to promote a business brand.Read Full article
Franchising - Something for Everyone
Franchising Versus a Private Business
Have you ever dreamt of owning your own business? Of course you have, it is something that many people would love to be able to do but in most cases, this dream is clouded by the “what if” question - “what if it fails?”. The fear of failing prevents so many would-be entrepreneurs from taking the plunge.Read Full article
Why is Buying a Franchise a Smart Move?
10 Advantages of Buying a Franchise
Buying a franchise allows you to become an entrepreneur in less time, limiting the multiple barriers first-time business owners would face. Essentially, you are buying a “business in a box” – a turnkey operation that has been designed, tested, and proven by a team of industry experts. By simply paying the fees and costs involved and following the designated training program, your entry to entrepreneurship is instantly satisfied. Read Full article
Questions to ask the franchisor before buying a franchise
It's all about asking the right questions
Make sure to ask the franchisor the right questions before actually signing an agreement and paying up. This could prevent a lot of headaches in the future so do your research and get as much info on the franchise as possible.Read Full article
Questions to ask yourself before buying a franchise
It's all about asking the right questions...
Are you trying to decide on what kind of Franchise to buy? There are various points that one needs to consider before making any kind of decision. The questions below are designed to help you distinguish which factors/qualities are important to you in running a business and therefore will help you in making a franchise choice.Read Full article
Points to consider when purchasing a franchise
6 Important Points
Purchasing a franchise is an investment in your own business and therefore it carries a risk, like any other investment. In this newsletter, we'll look at the following factors that you should consider before purchasing a franchise.Read Full article
Marketing your franchise online - part 1
10 Useful Guidelines for Creating Successful E-Newsletters
E-newsletters are excellent ways to market your product or service and to stay in touch with your clients or potential clients. Many businesses have started to use this marketing tool and indeed it should be encouraged because people are becoming increasingly computer, web and email savvy! There are however a few guidelines that one should follow in order to create a successful e-newsletter with many subscribers. Here are 10 Top Guidelines. Read Full article
Marketing your franchise online - part 2
Making sure your website is visible and user-friendly
In our second part of "Marketing Your Franchise Online" we take a look at websites and how to get the best results from them. The first point to acknowledge is that a website is of no use if a.) no one knows about it and b.) it's not user-friendly and easy to navigate. As with many other things in business such as a new product or service, one has to offer something unique and then market it correctly in order for it to be successful.Read Full article
Franchise Ideas
Louise's Franchise Ideas to Ponder!
Here are a few of my Franchise Concept Ideas. Remember that franchising is not an overnight process by any means and growth and expansion happens over years. Once you have at least one successful and profitable store, one can look into franchising the concept. I believe that the ideas below, once up and running as successful businesses, will be well suited to the franchising world Read Full article
Creating a great logo and tagline
Your first step to branding!
Branding is like a detailed description of your business - the way a customer sees or perceives your business, not just in words but in images, emotions and senses. Good branding helps people remember your business in a positive way. Good branding makes people want to use your business instead of someone elses. Read Full article
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