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Festive Franchise Part I: Five Ways to Boost Sales Over the Holiday Season
Maximise your franchise sales during the holidays

Franchise Finder

Whether the festive season represents the busiest time of year for your franchise, or if it’s when business generally winds down for you, now is the time to start thinking about how you can maximise your franchise sales during the holidays…

1. Maximise Customer Experience
The end-of-year rush is overwhelming for many of us – too many cars fighting too few parking spaces, jostling elbows to grab the last product on the shelf and having to endure annoying sales pitches leave us fatigued and irritable. Here’s where you can get one up on your franchise’s competitors – provide tired and grumpy customers with a respite from the horrors of the festive season mêlée by creating a calm, orderly, inviting and festive (but not-over-the-top) space. Offer complimentary cool drinks or festive snacks, a place to sit down and rest weary legs and activities to keep bored children entertained while their parents spend money.

2. Offer a Festive Season Discount
Price is often the deciding factor, particularly in these cash-strapped times, so go ahead and put products and services on promotion. Make it fun – use a scratch-and-win type format, where customers scratch a card to reveal what discount (anything from 10-50%) they’ve won on the item they’re about to purchase. People love the surprise element and it provides your franchise with an opportunity to do some cheap give-aways.

3. Do Free Deliveries
You’d be surprised how often this small offer can clinch the deal! To make it profitable, though, make sure you offer free deliveries over certain Rand amounts only. This approach works particularly well with fast food franchises.

4. Provide a Gift-Wrapping Service
Retail franchises, take note: with time of the essence in the run-up to Christmas, a complimentary gift wrapping service is manna from heaven! Turn your gift wrapping into an art form, with beautiful paper, ribbons and tags, and it’ll become a walking-talking advert for your franchise as people talk about how you just made their lives so much easier…

5. Sell your products online
If you haven’t already added an e-commerce component to your franchise website, now’s the time to do it. Imagine how appealing it is for customers to by-pass the busy shopping malls and horrendous traffic altogether, and do Christmas shopping online, then enjoy a hassle-free wait for products to be delivered to their doorstep! If you’re a service-based franchise, having an online booking or ordering facility is just one way that you can use the internet to increase customer satisfaction and boost franchise sales.

Bonus tip: Send regular franchise customers a Seasons Greetings card – include a small gift card which they can redeem at your franchise store.

Author: Franchise Finder, Online Directory of Franchises and Business Opportunities in South Africa


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