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Frequently Asked Questions about franchising

Frequently asked Questions on how Franchising works in South Africa.

Labour Relations | Labour law

Must I Be BBBEE Compliant?
What is a Casual Worker?
Must I Grant Staff Maternity Leave?
Do I have to pay staff for working on Public Holidays?
Extra Staff for the Holidays?
How Can I Compensate My Franchise Staff for Overtime?
How Do I Resolve Franchise Conflict?
Must I Pay Staff Bonuses?
What is Minimum Wage in South Africa?
What is the deal with annual leave?

Franchising Business Terminology

What is Crowdfunding?
What is Inbound Marketing?
What is Capital Burn?
What are MLM business opportunities?
What does "Unencumbered Cash" mean?
What is a Deal-a-Day Website?
What is a Franchise Agreement?
What is a Franchise Development Plan?
What is a Franchise Disclosure Document?
What is a Master Franchisee?
What is Direct Selling and How Does it Work?
What is Direct Mail?
What is CRM
What is the difference between a Product Distribution and a Business Format Franchise?

Franchising and social media

What is a Social Media Marketing?
Should My Franchise Be on Twitter?
Should My Franchise be on Facebook?

"How To's" of Running a franchise

What is the Difference Between Advertising and Marketing?
What is the Cloud?
Should I Offer Wi-Fi at My Franchise?
What is a Payroll Service?
What is a Cash Book?
Can I Get a Qualification in Franchising?
How Do I Expand my Franchise Business?
How do I get funding for my business?
How do I Go About Increasing Prices in My Franchise?
How Do I Register My Business?
How do I write a business plan?

Should I franchise my business?

What are affordable marketing ideas?

What are the best type of business opportunities?

What are the worst types of business opportunities?
What are the best type of home-based business opportunities?
What is to Become of Close Corporations?
Would I Make a Good Franchisee?

Franchising and Tax

Must I Register for VAT?
Must I Pay Provisional Tax?

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