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Can I Get a Qualification in Franchising?

Frequently Asked Questions about franchise training

Franchise Finder

Study to be a franchisee? Yes, you can! An increasingly popular field of study overseas, educational institutes are teaching eager wannabe or existing franchisees all they need to know about owning and operating a franchise. Time to give yourself the edge and bump up your life experience and on-the-job training with a formal franchise course…

Do I need a tertiary qualification to be a franchisor?

While every franchise has its own particular criteria, having a tertiary qualification is not necessarily one of them. Often, franchisors emphasise experience, industry skills and character over formal qualifications, although they do add that having a tertiary qualification in Business Management or Franchise Management may be an advantage.

What will I learn on a franchise course?

Franchise courses typically cover aspects of owning and operating a franchise, including:

  • The franchise model and how it works
  • Legal aspects – including the Competitions Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act and the legal requirements for franchising
  • Marketing and promoting a franchise
  • Franchise relations and quality control
  • Franchise business planning and strategy
  • Franchise management
  • Financial management.

Who runs franchising courses in South Africa?

Although many credible international institutions offer courses in franchising up to a postgraduate degree level – for example, Georgetown University’s Certificate in Franchise Management – South African higher education institutes have been slow to offer courses focusing specifically on franchising. Here’s a small selection of what’s on offer locally:

Author: Franchise Finder, Online Directory of Franchises and Business Opportunities in South Africa


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