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What is Direct Mail?

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Mail

Franchise Finder

As a franchisee, your ability to market your business is governed by agreements with the franchisor. Typically, this means that national and regional franchise marketing activities are strictly regulated, but there is some leeway when it comes to implementing promotional activities – such as direct mails – at a local level. …

What is direct mail?

Says online business publication, direct mail is a ‘marketing effort which uses a mail service to deliver a promotional piece to your target audience’. In practical terms, this promotional piece could be used for leaflet drops into letterboxes or handed out at busy intersections in targeted neighbourhoods, or as an insert in the local knock and drop community newspaper.

Should I be using direct mail to market my franchise?

Correctly used, direct mail can be an ideal marketing strategy for your franchise, as it allows you to target people within the catchment area served by franchise, as well as past and current customers.

Is direct mail advertising cost-effective?

Direct mail advertising is considered to have a relatively high cost-per-thousand, that is, what it costs to reach a thousand people through a particular advertising medium. However, the cost depends on the quantity of mails being distributed. Typical costs of a direct mail campaign include design fees, paper, printing and distribution.

How effective is direct mail marketing?

A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association of AmericaThe Integrated Marketing Media Mix – revealed that direct mail is still an important part of the marketing mix, with 75.4% of campaigns surveyed used direct mail, with direct mail accounting for 29% of revenue generated.

What information should be on my direct mail?

Your direct mail should include your franchise name and logo, contact details and details of the promotion you’re running. For example, a food and restaurant franchise is promoting an upcoming St Patrick’s Day Irish-theme party, to be hosted across the country by their franchisees. While the franchisor runs a national (generic) marketing campaign, each franchisee can use direct mail to tell locals what band will be performing, names of local celebrities attending, details of door and spot prizes and so on.

To whom should I send my direct mail?

Send your direct mails to your mailing list (make sure it’s up-to-date), leave some on the counter of your franchise’s reception or waiting area for people to take with them, post them in the letterboxes of houses in the area in which your franchise operates, or hand them out to drivers at robots at nearby busy intersections.

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Author: Franchise Finder, Online Directory of Franchises and Business Opportunities in South Africa


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