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Louise's Franchise Ideas
Franchise Ideas to Ponder!

Here are a few of my Franchise Concept Ideas. Remember that franchising is not an overnight process by any means and growth and expansion happens over years. Once you have at least one successful and profitable store, one can look into franchising the concept. I believe that the ideas below, once up and running as successful businesses, will be well suited to the franchising world.
Franchise Idea No.1: Sushi on the Move for Corporate Events and Dinner Parties
More and more people have grown to love Sushi, myself included! What about creating a mobile Sushi Bar? Obviously one has to know how to prepare, make and serve Sushi but if you have some experience in the food and/ or catering industry you might find this an area to explore. You could market yourself to event co-ordinators and target the "corporate functions" market or even find a niché in serving Sushi at exclusive home dinner parties or events.
Franchise Idea No.2: Mobile Coffee Franchise
Everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee. The idea of this franchise is to firstly serve coffee (and all other coffee related drinks) to office blocks in the morning during the week and secondly to serve coffee at sporting or cultural events on the weekend or during holidays. With this type of franchise, you could call on office blocks in the morning and then work as many number of weekends as you like. Your initial investment would involve a delivery van, the coffee-making equipment and branding.

Franchise Idea No.3: Pita Bread and Fillings - Mobile Franchise
Again, this is a franchise that involves food. There are franchises that sell Hot Dogs, Chips, Burgers, Ice-Cream, so what about creating a business that sells delicious Pita's? You could come up with recipes for several fillings and even sauces and then sell these at weekend sporting or cultural events with the use of a mobile trailer. This type of franchise could even grow into a small fast food outlet at a shopping mall - as long as the food is good and the concept is well branded, you are well on your way!
Franchise Idea No.4: Zulu Courses
I haven't seen a franchise teaching Zulu as yet. If there are franchises that teach maths, english and computers, why not a franchise that teaches Zulu?  This business would need to be started by someone with a passion for education and someone with experience or knowledge of the education system and syllabus. Obviously, the potential franchisees would need to be fluent in Zulu in order to take on this franchise. Start-up costs would be small and you could run this business from home.

Franchise Idea No.5: Mobile Massage
Massages are something that most people enjoy as it relaxes and de-stresses the body. However, you still have to drive yourself to the salon and back again! So getting a massage by a professional therapist in the comfort of your home, office or even at a B&B, makes perfect sense. By offering something unique and marketing the concept well, one could create a strong brand around this concept - something eventually good enough to franchise. Obviously franchisees would have to have a background in massage or beauty therapy and hence this business would be well suited to women.
Franchise Idea No.6: Spinning
This type of business would suit any exercise or cycling fanatic. Nowadays, although many people belong to gyms there are still a fair number of people that don't have contracts and prefer to do their own exercise or sport elsewhere. "Spinning" classes are something that have definitnely taken off but anyone who belongs to a gym will know that bookings have to be made well in advance. So the idea is to set up a Spinning studio for those people who would like to go spinning but don't have a gym contract.

One could run the studio on a "no bookings allowed" basis and offer classes during the week in the mornings and afternoons and perhaps on a Saturday morning. One could even open up the studio during the day to older people just wanting a light workout.

Franchise Idea No.7: Pet Food and Accessory Delivery
This franchise is popular in the US and UK and seems to be quite profitable. It is essentially a mobile pet food and accessory store. In South Africa, virtually everyone with a garden, owns a pet so there is a huge market to explore. You could offer your own branded pet food and branded pet accessories - except theses items could only be found in your franchised mobile store. Once you have built up a list of customers, you can then start to enjoy repeat business. One needs to market the concept well and offer good products and a good service, ensuring that pet-owners have no reason to go anywhere else to get anything pet-related!


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