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Cool Franchise Trend – Frozen Yoghurt Franchises

What is trending in the Franchise industry


Back in the 1980s, frozen yoghurt was the sweet treat of choice for trend-aware, health-conscious yuppies. Then, along with shoulder pads, roller skates and teased hair, it all but disappeared when the new millennium breezed in. Newsflash: Froyo is back! And it’s bigger than ever, with froyo franchises rolling out across the globe…

What is Froyo?

Frozen yoghurt – known in the biz as froyo or froghurt – is a frozen dessert made from yoghurt. Although generally perceived as a health food, that’s not necessarily the case, as Huffington Post points out in this article. Nevertheless, the froyo industry is booming – growing at a rate of 21% between 2008 and 2013, it’s now a market worth some $2 billion in the USA alone.

What Does a Froyo Franchise Actually Sell?

There’s more to froyo than just a couple of scoops in a bowl! Here are some key variations of the theme:

  • Soft-serve – the traditional variety, soft-serve froyo usually comprises plainer flavours with a tart, fresh taste
  • Hand-scooped – described as a healthier variant on the original soft-serve froyo, it’s often touted as low-calorie, low-sodium and low-fat
  • Smoothies – combined with fresh fruit, protein powder and/or vitamins, froyo smoothies are healthy and hip • Cakes and desserts – the froyo twist on those ice-cream cakes you loved as a child.

Why Have a Froyo Franchise Instead of an Ice-Cream Parlour?

Froyo franchises are the cool and contemporary take on the traditional ice-cream parlour. Providing you source the right product (some health claims are grossly overstated), froyo franchises capitalise on the trend towards healthy food choices. In fact, in the face of the froyo wave, ice-cream sales – hitherto, one of America’s bestselling desserts – have taken a knock. In addition, while ice cream parlours tend to stick to more conventional flavour offerings, froyo franchises offer novelty, with many weird and whacky flavour options and combinations.

What Should I Know Before Opening a Froyo Business?

  • Froyo franchises first sprung up in warm weather locations and these hot spots still boast more froyo outlets than places in cooler climes
  • There are more froyo franchises in urban locations
  • As a summer dessert, froyo sales tend to drop off in winter if the location is one in which there’s a stark seasonal temperature difference
  • But these franchises are a good bet for ‘perpetual summer’ locations – Los Angeles, Miami and our very own Durban…
  • Froyo franchises have relatively low barriers to entry, lower labour costs and higher product margins than other fast food franchises, like burger or pizza joints
  • Froyo can be charged out per scoop or based on weight – it’s up to you
  • It’s reported that froyo outlets are popular in more youthful areas, for example tertiary education campuses or parts of a city where younger, creative types tend to congregate
  • The self-serve concept, where customers pick and choose their own flavour combinations and toppings has proven more popular than flavour offerings selected straight from a menu
  • Froyo franchises which offer customers free wifi in a funky, comfy interior sell more product and can command a higher price per unit than those with no wifi and less sleek settings
  • Following on from the food truck trend, froyo trucks are the next big thing lurking around the corner…

Get the Scoop on these Froyo Franchises

For inspiration, check out:

Red Mango – original, authentic frozen yoghurt for health-conscious consumers who want to eat well, look good and feel nice

Pinkberry – serving up a bunch of innovative froyo desserts, including a froyo pumpkin pie for Halloween and a froyo version of the ubiquitous American apple pie!

Spoon Me – Go ahead and give your body some lovin’, says this froyo brand, with their low calorie, low sugar, high-taste treats…