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Spring Promotion Ideas for Your Franchise

super-easy spring promo ideas for you to try


Piggy-backing a promotion on a holiday – or even a particular time of year, like spring – can be a useful way to put the spotlight on your franchise, get more feet through the proverbial door and boost both online and offline sales. Here are six super-easy spring promo ideas for you to try…

1. Spring Cleaning

Traditionally, spring is the time to get your house in order and shakes things up. Out with the old and in with the new is the theme, so now’s a particularly good opportunity to introduce new products and/or services. Do This: Have a clearing out sale to get rid of old stock – it’s no good sitting on the shelves, so turn it into cash by marking it down. But do pause to analyse why you think that particular merchandise, often referred to as dead inventory, didn’t move – you want to prevent making the same mistakes in your next buying or production cycle.

2. Spring Growth

After the dead of winter, spring bursts forth with fresh flowers, leaves and shoots. Spring also coincides with Arbour Week from the 1st to the 7th September, where people are encouraged to plant trees – could there be a better time to reach out and grow your business? Do This: Get a copywriter to draft you a cleverly written direct mailer centred on the spring growth theme. Attach a business card to a branded packet of seeds (it could be an Arbour Day Tree of the Year, for example), package it up with your printed direct mailer and mail to past, current and prospective clients to let them know about (or gently remind them) about your products and services.

3. Spring Fever…

It’s a thing! All the beasties and birdies of the forest are feeling a little frisky…and you may have noticed your hearts a-singing, too – in fact, longer daylight hours causes our bodies to produce less melatonin, which prompts us to sleep less, and more melatonin, which lifts our spirits. We’re happy and we know it! Do This: Giveaways – free product samples, vouchers for services or even prizes – will leave people feeling really good about your brand and what it offers…they may just be back for more!

4. Spring-Into-Action

Less melatonin and more serotonin also means we’re feeling more energetic. We want to get out there and smell the roses! Do This: Organise or sponsor an active event – like a fun run, walk or dance-a-thon – and donate the money raised from entry fees to your corporate social investment project or chosen charity. The exposure will go a long way towards raising your brand profile in your community.

5. Social Spring

Research suggests that the average person spends a staggering three hours per day on social media sites. So if you want to reach them, you’ve got to meet them there! Do This: Run a social media contest. Have customers post selfies with your products, upload videos of them using your products in creative ways, or complete an online survey to win a prize.

6. Spring Break

Three quarters of the way through another long year and, by now, folks are feeling a tad frazzled…but we’ve still got to get through that last quarter before we can goof off for the summer holidays. Do This: Give your customers a break – treat them to a special event…it could be a garden tea party or barbecue in a glorious outdoor venue, an afternoon’s pampering at a day spa or a wine tasting evening. Provide them with an opportunity to learn about, view or acquire your new product line before it’s released to the general public.