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Creating a Great Logo and Tagline
Your first step to branding!

Author: Franchise Finder

Branding is like a detailed description of your business - the way a customer sees or perceives your business, not just in words but in images, emotions and senses. Good branding helps people remember your business in a positive way. Good branding makes people want to use your business instead of someone elses.

The first key element in creating a good brand, is a good logo and tag line. Once you have created a great name for your business (something that has meaning and relevance to your product/service), it’s time to design a logo – a graphic image that relates to the name and nature of your business.
What are some key design tips to remember when designing your logo?
Avoid clutter – A logo that is clear and simple is easy to read and remember! It also makes it easier to see from a distance, on a signboard, for example.

Choose the colour/s for your logo wisely. Your colour choice should be relevant to your product or service as well as your business image or profile. Remember that you do not need to include every colour of the rainbow in your logo, rather choose 2 or 3 colours that work well together, this can even include tints or hues of one colour.

If you decide to include a symbol, picture or graphic into your logo, make sure that it relates to your business and looks like it fits in with the actual text/font as well as the colour of the font.

The font you choose must be easy to read – there shouldn’t be any confusion with regards to what the text actually says – you want people to be able to read and remember your business name! The font size should be well proportioned to other visual or graphic elements used in the logo, so essentially you have a balanced logo.

What does your logo look like in black and white? There may be times where it will be printed in black and white and you should check that it still looks good and clear in this format.

Is your logo versatile? Does your logo look good at a small size, large size, on a business card, on a brochure, on a letterhead? It is important that your logo looks acceptable on any printed or online media as well as on signboards. Bear these points in mind when designing your logo and visualize the logo on different types of advertising platforms.

Longevity - As a company grows and expands it may require that the logo changes slightly to accommodate new ideas, products, marketing campaigns etc. Try and visualise whether your logo can take on subtle and sometimes temporary changes such as colour or a slight modernizing of the font or the addition of a small symbol. This allows a company to keep their core look and feel but to incorporate subtle creative changes if necessary.

Test your logo – get peoples opinion. Create 2 or 3 logo options and ask friends, family, colleagues (anyone) to choose which stands out the best. Don’t allow your opinions or thoughts to come through – try to remain objective. Make a note of what people liked the best as well as any practical comments that were made.

Altogether the logo should be able to communicate or give some idea as to what the business is about.

The Second Key Element of Branding; Create a Unique & Memorable Tag Line.
A tagline is a short, memorable phrase usually positioned under the logo that helps to reinforce the focus of the brand as well as the vision and purpose of the company. Taglines should flow naturally and should not be difficult to remember. You want people to automatically associate your logo with your tagline and so creating a good tagline is not easy - take time to think about this and refine it over time is needed.


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