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7 Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server

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Dedicated web hosting means that you rent an entire server for hosting only your site. A dedicated hosting server provides a number of benefits, especially when compared to shared hosting. The 7 main benefits of a dedicated hosting server are:

  1. Enhanced Security: Since a dedicated server provides web administrators total control over what software, scripts and programs are uploaded onto it, it is much more secure than shared servers. Dedicated servers provide owners with full access and control over applications and software programs uploaded and updated on the server. This makes dedicated servers highly secure and less prone to virus attacks when compared to shared hosting servers.
  2. Higher Speed and Bandwidth: You do not have to share your bandwidth with any other site when you have your own dedicated hosting server. This leads to your site opening faster for your visitors. Most businesses with high traffic and shared bandwidth lose a number of potential customers because their sites take too long to open. With a dedicated server of your own, you can totally stop target customer attrition due to slow speeds.
  3. Total Control : A dedicated hosting server frees you from the vagaries of shared hosting by providing total control. On a dedicated host, your website will not experience slower speeds or simply fail to open up because some other site is overloaded, has been attacked by malware, has too much traffic or because its owner has uploaded some bad scripts or programs. When you control your server, you automatically get rid of problems that were earlier caused because of factors that were “out of your control”.
  4. Efficiency: A well managed dedicated hosting server will let you have almost 100% uptime, which can go a long way in improving the overall efficiency and performance of your business, especially if you are into delivering or providing online solutions.
  5. Customization: Most shared servers are programmed and controlled in a manner that somehow makes it easier for the server to manage a number of different sites with different requirements. However, this does not always guarantee a combination that is optimum for your site’s performance. Since on a dedicated hosting server, you have total control over the server’s specifications and the software and applications that are loaded on to it, it naturally makes for a foundation that helps your site work optimally.
  6. Privacy: Since you are the only business using your own dedicated web hosting server, you have total privacy and loads of space. On a dedicated server, your data cannot be accessed or touched by anybody else, while on a shared server, it has to jostle for space with other sites.
  7. Cost Effectiveness: While the major negative that is touted against dedicated web servers is their high cost, in the long run it has been proven that dedicated servers help more in the Rands coming in rather than going out. Apart from saving on expenses incurred due to site corruption, virus attacks and time delays, a dedicated hosting server helps in increasing income by providing a faster, reliable and more efficient platform for your site. By providing better support and an efficient interface to your visitors, dedicated servers help you in generating conversions and customer loyalty.

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