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Festive Franchise Part II: Five Ways to Keep Staff Motivated During the Festive Season
Keep staff focused on what's important

Franchise Finder

Working over the festive season – when friends and family are enjoying a nice holiday – can be a motivational killer for franchise employees. Here are some simple ways you can keep staff engaged and focused on the job at this time of year…

1. Lead by example
Nothing demotivates a team faster than a lazy franchise boss who suntans by the pool while they hold their working class noses to the grindstone. Yes, you may have earned the right to park off while your oompa-loompas do the dirty work, but be warned that an absent leader is an uninspiring one. If you want your people to win business for you, be prepared to lead them into battle. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! Getting hands on and working alongside your franchise staff not only earns their respect and fosters good relations but boosts productivity, too.

2. Create a Festive Atmosphere
For some franchises, particularly retail franchises and restaurant franchises, festive season decorations are essential to create a festive atmosphere conducive to holiday shopping. But bringing a little holiday cheer into their workplace can also lift the spirits of your franchise employees. Simple ideas include:

  • Putting up a Christmas tree
  • Putting out jars of festive cookies or chocolates
  • Playing holiday music softly in the background
  • Wearing festive hats.

Remember: keep it tasteful, voluntary and fun! The trick is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, not one which is construed or in which people feel they are participating under duress.

3. Celebrate the Year’s Success
By the time December rolls around, we’re all exhausted from a hard year’s work. One of the very greatest motivators is to let people know just how much their efforts are appreciated. The end-of-year staff party is a tradition which people eagerly look forward to, so consider hosting a small do to celebrate your franchise’s successes over the past year and toast the achievements of your franchise staff. Recognising and rewarding staff in this way goes a long way to keeping them happy and focused on the job.

Is your franchise cash-strapped this year? Here’s how to motivate staff without money!

4. Timetable
While the festive season may represent the busiest time of year for you, don’t forget that franchise staff are people, not robots. Not only are they probably fatigued after a long, hard year, they have festive season chores to do and families with whom they’d like to spend time, just like you do. Draw up a timetable to share duties amongst you and your staff. Don’t overstretch workers with long shifts – use casual holiday workers to help out, if you have to – and allow some flexibility in the work schedule so that everyone is able to fit in Christmas shopping and spend some time with family.

5. Incentivise
Nothing like the promise of a prize to get franchise staff working a little harder! And we’re not talking about the general Christmas bonsella, but specific incentives for achieving particularfranchise business goals. Acknowledge the achievement of such goals with awards, such as:

  • Award for Highest Overall Sales Over the Holiday Season
  • Award for Most Sales of a Particular Item Over the Holiday Season
  • Award for Best Contribution to Organisational Spirit(as voted by fellow franchise staff)
  • Award for Most Helpful Franchise Staff Member (as voted by customers)
  • Award for One Hundred Percent Attendance over the Holiday Season

Then, reward the winners of your Holiday Season Awards with gifts like:

  • Shopping centre vouchers
  • Dinner and move vouchers
  • Gift hampers Cash prizes.

Author: Franchise Finder, Online Directory of Franchises and Business Opportunities in South Africa


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