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Armour Blind

Franchise Category

Property / Home

Business Description

ArmourBlind, is a 3-in-1 product manufactured from extruded aluminium. It is a burglar bar, a security blind, and a retractable Security shutter… all in one! Due to its uniqueness and innovative features, ArmourBlind has been awarded a provisional patent. After a 3 year R&D process, it is now at the point where final development is complete and the product is ready to be introduced to the South African market. Regional Distributor Opportunities will be offered to a limited number of entrepreneurs based on the demographic and psychographic make-up of individual regions, countries and/or areas.

Being a Regional Distributor means you will get:

  • An excellent business opportunity with a substantial income potential.
  • Exclusive marketing and installation rights in a sizable target market.
  • Attractive pricing and discount structures – sufficient to allow you to pass on good discounts to Accredited Installers who you would like to work under your “umbrella”.
  • A competitive advantage in the market.
  • High barrier to entry.
  • Full product and technical support.
  • Availability to new products as they are developed and come to market.
  • Demo Trailer ~ for mobile efficiency
  • Demo Stands ~ for retail environments

ArmourBlind is not a complicated product and should really sell itself to a homeowner that is looking for this type of product. At the end of the day this is why we'll provide the demo trailer etc. because it is a sales tool. If the client likes what they see and they can afford it then there's not much rocket science to it.

Our ADL and FXL range of shutters is truly very easy to install. The more complicated systems - like the roller systems - would require more attention to detail and some additional training but a day with us at the factory will make most people 99% proficient at the task. The remaining 1% will be learnt on site - but never forget that we will help to get the person fully capable even if it means we might need to go to their specific areas for the first "complicated job" and help them get up to speed. But, honestly, providing all the measurements are accurate the actual installation is not difficult on any of our systems - we have designed them to be as easy as possible to install.

Background / History of the Business

Why was ArmourBlind developed?
Property owners worldwide have various security and risk concerns. Whether it’s the threat of burglars or tropical storms; property owners need to protect their assets as best they can. Residential and commercial property owners will benefit from ArmourBlind’s innovative 3-in-1 solution which; apart from being exceptionally strong, is also compact, easy to operate, and aesthetically appealing. ArmourBlind is the perfect way to protect occupied dwellings, unoccupied premises, holiday homes etc.

Minimum Investment for the franchise

Costs could typically range from R100,000 to R750,000 depending on the size and scope of the specific exclusive area.

Final prices, and exact geographic boundaries, will be negotiated with prospective Regional Distributors and agreed upon in person and formalized contractually.

Payment of 50% on signature of the Regional Distributor agreement, and balance on delivery of the demo trailer and demo stands ( + 30 days).

Training for the franchise

  • ArmourBlind will provide the Regional Distributor with full training relating to the installation of the products.
  • Training will be provided to the Regional Distributor and his key employees by ArmourBlind in Cape Town or any other suitable venue as determined by ArmourBlind.
  • Initial training to become totally familiar with the product and the business will take approximately three (3) days.

ArmourBlind will support and assist the Regional Distributor with the following:

  • Product Literature and Marketing support.
  • Product Training.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Sales support (and the sharing of information).
  • ArmourBlind’s standard product warranty to the client is 12 months from the date of installation.

Franchise Locations Available

  • 49 Regional Licenses are available in South Africa.
  • Country Licenses are available for All African Countries.
  • Country Licenses: Country Licensees are allowed to sell Regional Licensees. All African Countries are available.
  • Regional Licenses / Distributorships: Regional Licensees are allowed to re-sell Sub-Distributor Licenses.

Contact details

Contact Person: Heinrich
Tel: +27 82 877 1470
Email Enquiry: Click Here
  Remember to include your name and contact details in your enquiry