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Franchise Category

Property / Home

Business Description

DrainBlast is a drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance franchise opportunity that offers specialised services to any building owner and or tenant, including households, businesses, industries, body corporates etc. The company is a cut above the rest because of the equipment it uses and the top class service it offers.

DrainBlast offers potential Franchisees a successful and proven business system with all the necessary drain cleaning and plumbing equipment and tools (customized and general), and stock to service the fast growing target markets in the most efficient, effective and productive way. Each Franchisee will own one or more of the following four (4) franchise operations to respond to most of our clients’ drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance needs:

  • Drain Cleaning – Basic
  • Plumbing Maintenance – Basic
  • Combo: a combination of (i) Drain Cleaning and (i) Plumbing Maintenance
  • Deluxe: a combination of (iii) and some high tech equipment

Background / History of the Business

DrainBlast was established and in 2006 and for 5 years prior to that it traded as Plumbjet. The business was established in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa to meet the growing demand from various local clients. Deen Mahabeer identified this opportunity in the market for an efficient and professional drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance service offering. DrainBlast is providing plumbing and drain cleaning services to clients in Cape Town and surrounding areas. DrainBlast’s main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, and that productivity is improved.

Minimum Investment for the franchise

Each fully customized and branded franchise will be differently cost/priced as outlined hereunder:

Customized & Branded DrainBlast Franchise:

Investment (VAT Excl.)

Drain Cleaning (Basic) – 1 Team

R 106,000

Plumbing (Basic) – 1 Team

R 90,000

Combo – 2 Teams

R 162,000

Deluxe – 3 Teams

R 297,250

Training for the franchise

All 4 franchise options packages come with a compulsory training course (10-15 working days), even if the franchisee is a qualified plumber. This training is for franchisees to make themselves familiar with the way the franchise needs to operate and the use of equipment etc.

Franchise Locations Available

Franchise areas are available in:
  • Each local municipal area (at least one franchise in each municipal area).
  • Each local suburb of each Metro Municipal area.
  • All 9 Provinces of South Africa
  • All Member Countries of SADC
  • All Other African Countries

Contact details

Contact Person: Deen Mahabeer or Heinrich
Tel: Deen: +27 73 601 2111 | Heinrich: +27 82 877 1470
Email Enquiry: Click Here
Website Click Here
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