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SEMAS Abacus Maths

Franchise Category
Kids and Education, Entertainment and Crafts

SEMAS Abacus Maths

Semas Abacus and Mental Maths provides children with powerful brain and skills development courses aimed at the three to eleven year old child.

Did you know?

According to the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa and the Timss Study, SA students perform the worst in international Maths and Science competitions. In fact, South Africa has finished last on two occassons (in 38th and 50th places).

Who are the Best Performers at International Competitions?

Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Chinese Taipei and Singapore .


What do these countries do differently?

Abacus Education


Most Popular Abacus Education Worldwide?

Japanese (Soroban) Abacus Education


What are the benefits?

  • Creates a love for Maths
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves listening skills
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Promotes intuitive thinking
  • Enhances problem solving capabilities
  • Greatly enhances creativity
  • Increases IQ by up to 25 points


Courses Offered:

Our target market is defined according to age groups and is governed by the school system. Courses are designed specifically for the age groups and are as follows:

  • Mini Soroban: 3 - 5 years old
  • Soroban Kids: 5 - 8 year old
  • Mastering Soroban: 8 11 year old ( 10 levels 3+ years)
  • School Soroban for schools implementing SEMAS as part of learning plan
  • Soroban Flash: a short 2 month course.
Background/History of the Business
SEMAS is an acronym for - Soroban Education Mental Arithmetic System. It is an ISO 9001 – 2000 certified organization and an approved member of Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association, with its affiliation to Miyajima (Institute of Soroban Education, Osaka, Japan).

SEMAS is an approved and registered organization dedicated to propagate the concept of Japanese Abacus and Mental Mathematic calculation

SEMAS Soroban Abacus Education and Mental Arithmetic System
SEMAS has introduced a Japanese Abacus system which is Powerful Brain and Skills Development courses  aimed at not only improving children's mental arithmetic ability, but also abilities like  the ability to memorise, concentrate, speed read and listen, process information, insight and fine motor movement (which is linked to intelligence). At the same time SEMAS aims at creating a love for maths.

 Education of young children in abacus and mental arithmetic enhances photographic memory, listening skills, concentration, comprehension and creativity. "It has been scientifically proven that this system accelerates both left and right sides of the brain. Students who have been sent on the SEMAS program have gone on to excel in all their subjects, but more particularly mathematics.

National and International Competitions
Minimum Investment

From R87 200

Initially, 20 days Training and thereafter ongoing training for 4 years
Locations Available
Contact details
Contact Person: Marlene Ras
Tel: 086 11 SEMAS
Email Enquiry: Click Here
Website Click Here
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