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SIP™ Academy Abacus & Brain Gym


Kids Education | Sport

Business Description

SIP Academy™ offer internationally acclaimed child development programs aimed at providing 6-12 year old children with the skills required to excel in a rapidly changing, ever more competitive global economy. Our programs facilitate the development of a “mental abacus” in the child’s mind which enhances visual-spatial competency, concentration, math skills and overall learning ability.

Programs Offered

AMAL(Accelerated Mental Learning) - 1 level for children aged 6-7

SIP™ Abacus & Brain Gym - 11 levels for children aged 7-12

  • Foundation level (4 levels)
  • Advance level (4 levels)
  • Grand module (3 levels)



  • Develop & balance mental, social interaction, personality and confidence.
  • Improve logical thinking, visualization and creativity & problem solving.

2. Foundation level

  • Build self – confidence and remove fear of numbers.
  • Inculcate basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division using Abacus.
  • Focus on accuracy while improving speed.
  • Develop basic visualization skill.
  • Develop basics of listening, concentration & mental processing skills.
  • Develop competence in mental integer arithmetic.

3. Advance level & Grand module

  • Team work & interactive learning emphasizing competition.
  • Develop confidence in performing computations with more and bigger numbers.
  • Enhance listening, concentration & mental processing skills.
  • Develop skills to perform mental computations with decimals

Background / History of the Business

SIP™ Academy is a Malaysian based company founded in 1993. SIP™ the one and only program of its kind in the world began expanding globally soon afterwards. With regional educational partners, founding company director Mr. Kelvin Tham established SIP™ Indonesia in 1997. Since then, SIP™ has developed the largest network of any such program throughout the Asia Pacific region. In fact, it continues to be the fastest growing brain enhancement program for children in the world! SIP™ Academy is offering its program in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

With its advanced formula designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation, it has indeed set the International standard of being such a successful and revolutionary primary educational program.

Our mission is to help develop children by unleashing their powerful mental potential and creativity with both social values as well as acquiring lifelong skills. In the final analysis, these are the cutting edge keys to success.

SIP™ Academy is a member of Asia Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Research and Development Affiliation (AAMARDA). SIP™ Academy hosts regional, national and international competitions.

Minimum Investment

From R25000 (Special offer – T & C Apply)


Conducted at Head Office in Pretoria (2 - 3 days / level)

Locations Available


Business opportunity

  • Centre owner
  • Area Partner
  • Regional Partner

Contact details

Contact Person: Thomas Cherian
Contact Us: Click Here
Website Click Here