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5 Work from Home Business Ideas for Cooks
Great business ideas for those who love to cook.

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If you have a passion for cooking and are currently looking for a way in which to earn an income from home, then why not make cooking your solution? Cooking a delicious meal or even catering for a group of people is not something everyone has time for or the required skill. If you would like to turn you love for cooking into a great home-based business, then consider the following options:
  1. School lunches:
    Many moms are just too busy to create a nutritious and healthy lunch for their young children at school. Many times moms land up handing over “tuck-shop” money and hope that their child will make the right decision when it comes to buying their lunch. The fact of the matter is that they don’t. Many children believe healthy options are not as tasty as the sweet alternatives. Here is where you, the cook can make a difference! By advertising in local school magazines and in your neighbourhood, you can offer the services to create school lunches on a daily basis and deliver them to the child’s school. You can provide menu options to parents who can perhaps pre-order lunches and pay you on a monthly basis. Not only would your cooking skills be providing convenience to parents, but also giving them peace of mind that their child will always have something nutritious and healthy for lunch!

  2. Corporate catering:
    Large corporate companies are starting to realise that their staff work better when they are eating healthy and not skipping meals. A large number of businesses have done away with their unhealthy cafeteria meals and have allowed external catering companies to come in and offer their catering services on a large scale. With new menus provided on a monthly basis, meals can range from salads and sandwiches to healthy snack platters and hot, low-fat dishes. In-house caterers are perfect for large companies but the smaller businesses lack the facilities and numbers to warrant this type of service. This is an exciting niche opportunity for smaller caterers or those just starting out in this field. Your skills and passion for cooking can assist you in offering a fantastic small business catering service at an affordable rate!

  3. Small function and event catering:
    Your love of cooking will always be needed when it comes to 21 st birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, Christmas parties and general celebrations. Every celebration and party is topped off and perfected with just the right snacks or meals and tasty desserts. The importance of the food at any function should never be underestimated! By offering to cook delicious meals and snacks for these types of functions, you can earn a valuable income. Function catering as a home-based business option has seen many small caterers grow into large, successful cateringcompanies.

  4. Romantic meals:
    A romantic evening is just not the same without good food, and for those couples wanting to spend the evening in the comfort of their own home, a little catering assistance might just be in order. By advertising online, by word of mouth and in local media you can earn extra money by helping people arrange a romantic dinner or by packing and delivering picnic baskets. This type of small intimate catering service is extremely hard to come by and often extremely expensive. Make sure not to over price your services and add a little extra charm and personal touch to keep your customers coming back for more! This type of home-based business will definitely get your cooking skills perfected!

  5. Make & sell convenience meals:
    and selling convenience meals could prove to be a fantastic home-based business. Offer people the convenience of having healthy meals – fresh or frozen delivered to their door. Many people are so caught up in their busy lives that cooking a tasty or healthy meal at the end of the day is just too much to consider and targeting this niche could earn you a great income! You will find many large families, bachelors or even single parents who will find this type of service invaluable.

All of these home-based business ideas require cooking skills, an eye for detail and heaps of creativity. See which one suits your skills the best and give it a go! Good luck!

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