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7 Work from Home Ideas for Crafters
Turn your craft hobby into a thriving business.

Franchise Finder

If you have a passion for arts and crafts and love creating unique pieces, then you should try your hand at turning your skill into a profitable home-based business. Here are some home-based business ideas that might interest crafters:

  1. Offer children’s arts and crafts lessons:
    Many parents find arts and crafts lessons a valuable added extra to their child’s life. Arts and crafts lessons can be offered in different age groups after school or on weekends. These craft lessons can be done at a local venue (libraries are usually free) or even from your home. This type of work could be a fantastic work from home business.

  2. Card and wedding invitations:
    Many people look for arts and crafts services where they can have a stylish yet creative card or invitation made. These invitations and cards are usually made with special papers and embellishments which allow the creator to enjoy a wide scope of creativity. Creating special cards and artistic invitations could be the perfect home-based business for the enthusiastic crafter.

  3. Scrapbooking:
    You will find that there are a large number of families who have a large collection of photographs and would love to display them creatively. Scrapbooking has been growing in popularity over the past few years, but admittedly not everyone can do it. Scrapbooking takes time, some artistic talent as well as skill and this is where you could find your niche in the market. Advertise your scrapbooking services and help families create a coffee table book to treasure their memories.

  4. Bead & wire crafting:
    Many homes can be found donning artistic light catchers, wind chimes, dream catchers and other crystal and beaded items. By making a small catalogue of the items you are able to make and maybe even offering to personalise items for clients, you could make a decent income. Bead and wire crafting could be a fantastic home-based business opportunity.

  5. Create and sell candles and gifts:
    Decorative candles and artistic gifts to be used as keepsakes would be a great home-based business option. The benefit of this type of service is that client’s seeking these types of items, usually order in bulk as they are most often used as table gifts at weddings or as keepsakes for guests attending a function or event. Being artistically skilled could turn this home-based business idea into a dream come true for you!

  6. Fabric painting:
    Fabric painting
    has been enjoyed by crafters of all ages for quite some time now. By taking into account popular children’s themes and investing in a variety of vibrant fabric paints and fabric, you could be well on your way to making themed curtains, pillow cases and even duvet covers for children’s bedrooms and play rooms. This home-based business idea is ideal for the crafter who loves to paint and also has some sewing skills. Many parents would simply love this type of service!

  7. Family portrait painting:
    If you have a real flair for painting and sketching, then offer to paint family portraits from photo samples. Not many people have the creative and artistic skill to paint a life like painting. If you are a talented artist or crafter, you can turn this skill into a profitable home-based business. Capitalise on your creativity!

While artists and crafters simply love to create, it need not always be for free. Take that step and turn your crafting abilities into something worthwhile.

Author: Franchise Finder, Online Directory of Franchises and Business Opportunities in South Africa

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